FORT WORTH, Texas (FOX 44) – The Baylor vs. TCU game is the longest standing Texas rivalry matchup with 119 games played against one another. Surpassing UT & Texas A&M with their 118 games.

At Saturday’s tailgate we asked fans how they feel about the new name for the rivalry “The Bluebonnet Battle.”

“I didn’t love it the first time I heard it, maybe it will warm up to me a little bit,” says TCU alumni Andrew Hanson. On the Baylor side this fan wasn’t having the new name either, “I think its pretty dumb it’s the oldest rivalry in Texas. It had a cooler name (before), I think it’s pretty dumb,” says Baylor student Nathan Aloisi.

Despite fans lack of enthusiasm for the name change, the excitement for the actual game has not dwindled. While Baylor is out of the bowl conversation, a TCU win brings them one step closer to a bowl game if they beat Oklahoma next week.

While tensions run high during the game, some TCU and Baylor fans utilize pregame to reconnect with life long friends, bringing together both schools under one tailgate tent.

With both schools staying in the Big 12 the football teams will see plenty of more matchups over the years no matter what the rivalry game is called.