WACO, Texas – The Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) is hosting a virtual benefit concert as a way to help zoos and aquariums dealing with the financial impact from the pandemic.

The concert will feature streamed performances by Brad Paisley, Old Dominion, Wynonna Judd, Riley Green, Jessie James Decker, and Shy Carter.

Duane McGregor is the Marketing and Public Relations Manger for Cameron Park Zoo, who says this will help tremendously.

“All the zoos are hurting badly, because it is very expensive to feed these animals and take care of them medically,” McGregor said.

The All Together for Animals private concert includes the 240 members that are a part of the AZA.

The proceeds from the concert will help the facilities feed, care, and provide medical attention for the animals.

“The ticket price is $30, and each facility will get $15 of that $30. We get half of it,” McGregor said. “Then there is also the opportunity, either when they purchase the ticket or during the concert, they can go in and donate more money that goes specifically for their zoo in their area.”

While the zoos and aquariums get half of the ticket price, they will receive 100 percent of the donation amount to their facilities.

The one-hour concert is hosted by Country Music Television host Cody Allen, and headlined by Brad Paisley and many others who love animals.

“Old Dominion, Wynonna Judd, Riley Green, Jessie James Decker, Shy Carter, and Ashley McBryde,” McGregor said. ‘So we’ve got some really big names out there.”

The concert, which will be streamed tomorrow, was pre-recorded at the AZA accredited Nashville Zoo and Steel Mill Studios.

McGregor says once the ticket is purchased, the link can not be shared with others.

“If you do share it, then whoever you share it with, if they click on it before you do, then you are out of luck!” McGregor said.

She says even though Cameron Park faced tough times during the pandemic and the winter storm, they are grateful for how the community continues to support them.

“We are really excited about this concert opportunity, and it’s a good way that people can enjoy themselves for an hour of entertainment, and help out their zoo at the same time,” McGregor said.

To purchase a ticket for the Virtual Benefit Concert, you can visit the Cameron Park website.