Burglars target Waco businesses


Three Waco business owners are upset after a string of overnight burglaries on Bosque Boulevard and Sunset Street. 

While all of these places were targeted, only Coco’s Shaved Ice shop is making repairs on Monday. Manager Ulysses Mendez is flustered after burglars hit his shop before 2:00 a.m. 

“It is a lot of hard work, you know. You get your business running and everything, for people to just come in and damage stuff just vandalize stuff isn’t okay,” Mendez says.

Mendez says the crooks cut off the power on an electric box behind the shop so the security cameras would not capture them in the act. He says the crooks broke the plexiglass to get in and took almost $100 in cash. 

“They broke one of our cash registers and then they ripped out the other one from the cord,” Mendez explains.

Mendez believes they used a hammer to break in. 

“Nothing would really break down the plexiglass as fast as glass,” he says.

But Mendez says the burglars forgot one detail when they cut off the power to his cameras, “We would probably see them before they actually started breaking in.” 

The problem is the crooks took the computer monitor, so Mendez can’t check the video yet.

The owners of the Magic Wash and Dry Laundromat and Bosque Smoke Shop say the bad guys cut off their power as well, but ran off. 

“Hopefully we can find who did all this and hopefully, you know, they will get justice to them,” Mendez says.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time someone craved cash instead of shaved ice at Coco’s. 

“We had two more breakings in prior years, they usually take about the same just a cash register’s money,” Mendez says.

Mendez says he doesn’t know the exact cost of damages at this time, and is asking the community to contact police with any information.

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