Businesses displaying colorful hearts to honor Frontline Heroes


GATESVILLE, Texas – Frontline workers in Central Texas are being honored in a big way. Their names and occupations are on display at a Gatesville business for everyone to see.

It shows all workers their work is valued during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We just wanted the frontline workers to know, ‘Hey, we see you. We appreciate you, and here’s what we are going to do to show you that,'” says Ashley Gray, who lives in Throckmorton, Texas.

Ashley Gray and Renee Ash began honoring frontline workers in their town of Throckmorton last week after seeing the idea on Facebook.

They shared it on their Facebook page, asking people to post the names and occupations of people working on the frontlines of the virus.

“We’ve gotten everything from cashiers, food workers, nurses, adult protective services, CPS, EMT, farmers and ranchers, agricultural workers, you know their lives haven’t stopped either,” says Gray and Ash.

Since their post on Friday, they have received hundreds of comments.

“Several hundred, and still coming. We still have more names to go up today,” says Gray and Ash.

They have inspired other businesses to do the same.

“I thought, ‘Wow, that’s a great way to just keep our community and positive spirits and let the people know they are still having to be out there during this time. That we are behind them and backing them,” says Erika Archie, owner of Valet Cleaners & Laundromat in Gatesville.

Valet Cleaners & Laundromat is in Gatesville – over three hours from Throckmorton. They already have over 100 hearts up on their window.

“I just feel like that it helps them to get through these times – that they are still having to go to work, they don’t have a chance to get to stay home and stay out of it. And so, I think it makes them just feel a little bit more appreciated,” says Archie.

The business owners hope more businesses adopt the idea.

“I love it. I hope that 100 more people do this as well, and it is something that just spreads because it’s good. It’s something good among something that’s kind of dark right now,” says Gray.

To get your name or someone else’s name on a heart in Gatesville, click HERE and comment on their post.

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