Cameron Park Zoo switches from plastic cups to paper ones


The Cameron Park Zoo is on a green mission! The zoo sold it’s last plastic cup this past week in an effort ot be more environmentally friendly. 

This is just the latest step in the zoo’s effort to lessen its carbon footprint while educating others about the animal world. 

Holley Day, the Education Coordinator at the Cameron Park Zoo, said “We want to do our part. We have a lot of ‘please recycle, please pick up your trash!’ and then we hand out plastic cups. So we want to make sure that our message is inside the zoo as well.”

The switch came about because paper cups are more biodegradable than plastic ones.

Day said, “Any less single use plastics that we can make and produce the better. Paper is biodegradable. And we also use paper boats when you get food, and that is also biodegradable.”

And the effort to be environmentally friendly won’t stop there.

Day said, “We’re definitely going to keep with paper products because that’s a lot better. We are going to go to canned water. Now cans take more energy to make, but they are 100 percent recyclable. So if we do our part to make sure they go into the recycling bin, they’re 100 percent recyclable.”

The zoo’s effort hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Day said, “”The first thing we switched was our plastic bags in the gift shop and I think at first it’s just new and a shock, but our member base is very excited about it.”

Holly Stevens, a Cafe Manager with the Cameron Park Zoo, said “I’m really excited to get this going and get rid of the plastic. We want mostly paper or cans. Aluminum cans are better recycled then plastic is so that’s what we’re hoping to switch too.”

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