Cameron Police report two people in custody following an early Friday morning drug raid on a residence.

A police department spokesman says the raid followed a month long investigation that had been triggered by citizen complaints from the neighborhood of what they suspected of being drug-related activity.

A search warrant for the home was obtained from Milam County District Judge John Youngblood by Senior Sergeant Kris Stringer.

A special unit of the department served the warrant at 5:30 a.m. at 212 East 18-1/2 Street and cocaine was found inside the home.

Arrested were 29-year-old James Earl Johnbson, Jr and 44-year-old Sherlander Evette Pope.

Sherlander Pope and James Earl Johnson Jr

They were taken  to the Milam County Jail with both being charged with possession of cocaine in a drug free zone since the home is less than a thousand feet from both Cameron Elementary and Cameron Junior High Schools.