WACO, Texas — If you have currently tested positive for COVID-19, you probably heard your doctor or pharmacist tell you that you have the omicron variant.

But how can they know that if the test only tells you whether you have COVID?

“They will send in a random sampling of tests that they have done on COVID,” Kelly Craine said, the PIO for Waco-McLennan County Public Health District said. “And from there, DSHS will determine what variant it is and that’s how we understand what is the dominant variant in the state.”

With the random sampling, it does leave a chance that you could have contracted another variant.

The Texas Department of State Health Services believes that if the majority of the area you live in is testing positive for one strand, you most likely have that one.

“It’s all random, there’s no really way that you can as just an average person, do that,” Craine said. “Getting your lab submitted to DSHS and then of course, the time that it takes one, it’s already been established that you have COVID.”

“So whether it’s Delta or Omicron, it’s still going to be treated the same way you still need to respond and treat yourself appropriately.”

Craine says that if you think you have any symptoms related to COVID to contact your doctor.

She did address that tests are currently difficult to come by and your doctor can tell you if you need to get a test dependent on your symptoms.

“There are some places that you don’t have to get an appointment,” she said. “I mean, they’re listed on our website, but you have to wait a long time.”

“So if you’re going to go to a drive through testing clinic, which is perfectly acceptable and if you need to do it, just be prepared to wait. And that’s the reality now is that you’re going to need to wait.”