WACO, Texas – The Carden International Circus is back in Waco this weekend. You can expect to see performances from all over the world, including six generation performer Leo Garcia, the human cannonball.

The Carden family celebrates almost sixty years of performances across the country.

“I’m ready to give all the fun of the excitement. The adrenaline rush is getting people out of their seats excited for this years show,” says ringmaster Lucky Malatesi.

The spectacular circus is returning to Waco at the Extraco Events Center for six spectacular performances—
Ring master Lucky shares what you can expect to see.

“The elephants, we have the camels, we have the ponies, we have a little bit of everything for everybody, for the whole family to enjoy. So we want everybody to come out and check us out right here all the way through Monday,” says Malatesi.

You can also expect to see a thrilling performance from six generation circus performer Leo Garcia, the human cannonball.

“Actually, a giant mechanized cannon that catapults me across the entire arena. It’s just one of the one of the acts here in the circus, one of the thrill acts in the circus,” says Leo Garcia, the human cannonball.

Leo says it take a lot of practice to be able to perform such a daredevil stunt.

“There’s a lot of power behind the machine that you know, you can imagine being thrown 100 feet across the arena is the equivalent of a fighter jet taking off on a hanger,” says Garcia.

While this is a fun family event to enjoy, a mother of three says she’s trying to enjoy the circus and still be safe from COVID-19.

“We will sanitize our hands like crazy while we’re here, we will wear masks. After the circus starts, if we’re sitting close to people and there’s empty seats, I want to move to where it’s only us around each.,” says concern parent Jessica Philpot.

Tickets are on sale now at www.spectacularcircus.com or one hour before show time at Extraco Events Center, 4601 Bosque Blvd., Waco, TX  7710. Adults pay $9.99 on-line only for a limited time.  General Admission tickets are $10.00 for children 12 & under.  Adult tickets are $20.00. Monday, January 17, all seats are $7.00!

Show Schedule

Friday, January 14                     7pm

Saturday, January 15                 2pm & 6pm

Sunday, January 16                   2pm & 6pm

Monday, January 17                  3pm – ALL SEATS $7.00