Caritas feeds more than 1,200 families amid COVID-19 outbreak


WACO, Texas – With stores like H-E-B and Walmart running out of supplies quickly, more families in Waco are turning to Caritas for help.

Even with this demand, workers at Caritas Waco have their operation running like a well-oiled machine.

“We’re averaging 300 families that we serve each day, and its been incredibly busy,” says Buddy Edwards, Executive Director of Caritas.

Caritas, in the afternoon, is packed with cars often wrapped around the buidling waiting for meals to be dropped off. But this doesn’t slow workers down from getting meals to the hundreds who show up everyday.

“Its constant, bro. Fast paced. I used to play basketball, and I’m kind of missing basketball practice right now. Like, this is hard work. This is like boot camp,” says Tyrone Jennings, an employee.

Caritas changed its format since the spread of COVID-19 throughout Central Texas.

“In order to comply with all of the concerns in regard to the virus and the spread of the virus, we’ve moved to a drive-thru arrangement,” says Edwards.

The drive-thru arrangement, the few hours it operates, moves at a fast pace.

“You gotta keep it going, because if you don’t, time is going to run out. Families won’t get fed,” says Dottie Carter, an employee.

The workers at Caritas are doing the heavily lifting and keeping the operation going, and are moving with passion and purpose to help those who need it most.

“If you need help, you need help. And that’s what we’re here to do,” says Carter.

“I have a bleeding heart for people like that, you know what I mean? So I try to do the best I can. If I could do more, I would. But I’m only here to pass out the food,” says Jennings.

They send everyone off with the same message: “Every one counts. Every one matters. Every one needs help.”

“Everybody needs something. People aren’t working. They need help from somewhere, they don’t have the money, so we gotta help each other. Because if we don’t help each other, who’s going to be there to help you when you need it?,” Carter told FOX44.

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