Caritas hopes to distribute fans to needy families


Having a fan at home could mean the difference between an enjoyable summer and a miserable one.

With temperatures reaching a heat index above triple digits, having something as simple as a fan can help.

“Here in Texas, especially Waco, it’s really hot out here,” said Assistant Manager Cecilia Enriquez.

Many families in Central Texas brave the heat without air conditioning and much less a fan.

Caritas — a nonprofit charity organization — wants to help keep those families cool.

“Caritas in Waco would like to encourage the community to donate to our fan club,” said volunteer Mackie Bonner.

The charity is collecting working fans and donations. 

“These monetary donations allow us to serve the community who have inadequate cooling in their home,” said Bonner.

Last summer Caritas distributed nearly 400 fans to the elderly and families with young children.

This year, they are trying to beat that number.

“Fans are the number one priority that people need,” said Enriquez.

Here’s where those donations will go:

Donating $20 will cover the cost of one box fan.

Donating $50 will go directly toward purchasing 125 pounds of food.

Donating $100 will provide assistance to a family in danger of losing their water or electric service.

If you are in need of a fan, Caritas wants you to come forward.

“Please if you have a need don’t hesitate to contact us and see if Caritas of Waco can help you,” said Bonner.

To make donations click HERE.

Caritas address is 300 South 15th St. in Waco.

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