Carter BloodCare in need of blood donations, antibody testing for limited time


BEDFORD, Texas- Carter Bloodcare is in critical need of blood donations.

Carter BloodCare is facing the most prolonged period of a critical blood shortage in recent history.

Without an immediate increase in blood donations from the community, local hospital patients are in jeopardy of not receiving the blood transfusions they require.

Some non-emergent and elective surgeries are being postponed at area medical facilities due to the shortage.

Beginning Monday, June 22 Carter BloodCare will provide coronavirus antibody testing on all successful donations from its blood donors, for a limited time.

The test is an indicator that an individual has been exposed to coronavirus.

It is not a diagnosis of immunity to COVID-19.

The FDA is allowing use of the antibody tests under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) during the pandemic.

All blood donors are required to be feeling well and healthy on the day of donation.

Donors will receive their test results through the Carter BloodCare web site on their donor portal – a personal page with a login and password that the donor establishes and is intended for access only by the donor.

The results will be posted there and are accessible 1-2 weeks after the blood donation.

Make an appointment to donate blood by calling or texting 800-366-2834 or visit, where there is a list of frequently asked questions about the antibody testing.

Or visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s information center online about antibody testing for COVID-19.

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