Cat saves Waco family


One Waco family is now living in a hotel after a fire destroyed their three story house overnight. 

The house is located in Chalk Bluff neighborhood, on Idlewood Drive. 

The fire was big enough for several fire departments to respond on Saturday around 3:00 a.m.. 

Firefighters battled heavy smoke and flames using water from the backyard pool. 

Homeowner Patsy Lehron came to the area from California, and moved into this house four months ago. She says the fire started on the third floor while she, her husband, and their daughter slept on the second floor. 

She believes the cause was electrical – possibly from the heater. But surprisingly, it wasn’t the firefighters who initially alerted the family. 

Lehron says, “My cat was going crazy scratching at my door, he never does that, he was frantic and I woke up and I thought what is wrong with him. He saved our lives.”

Lehron says even though it has been a rough week for her, she is staying strong. 

“I find my strength in God, he gives me the strength to get through what I am going through I had a heart attack last Saturday. I asked Him if He was testing me.”

The cat went missing for a short time before the animal was found on Monday afternoon.

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