WACO, Texas — Cecily Aguilar stood before a court Thursday asking the court to dismiss her superseding indictment in the case of Vanessa Guillen.

Aguilar is facing 11 counts, which include tampering with documents and conspiracy to tamper with documents and proceedings.

During the hearing this afternoon, Aguilar’s defense team tried to prove that the charges filed in the indictment were not in line with her suspected crimes.

Aguilar’s attorney attempted to explain how Guillen’s body could not be considered an object, due to the wording for some of the charges.

She also said that since each charge was one act, there should only be one count per charge.

Prosecutors argued that since Guillen was dead, her body is then considered an object and most criminal case charges have more than one count.

The last time Aguilar was in the courthouse in Waco, many were outside supporting the Guillen family and Vanessa’s memory.

When the investigation into the murder was underway in 2020, the family attorney compared Aguilar’s actions to a terrorist.

“She did exactly how ISIS would treat one of our soldiers,” Family Attorney Natalie Khawam said. “They decapitate our soldiers, they dismember them. They light them on fire. She did exactly that to Vanessa, who was a U.S. Soldier. And I want her to be treated as the same way and punished as a terrorist that she is.”

Judge Albright continually stated throughout Thursday’s hearing that this decision may need to wait until the trial begins, and the jury has time to view the evidence of the case.