Census Complete Count Committee preparing for 2020


The Census Complete Count Committee met on Friday to get ready for the 2020 Census.

After spending the morning ironing out the details, the Committee walked away with a brand-new slogan and big ideas for the next year.

”It’s ‘Why I Count.’ And it’s very important because all of us have a very different story to tell about ‘Why I count.’ But it’s also the story that all of us do make a difference,” says Hector Sabido, of the Waco City Council, District Two.

“Why I Count” is the new slogan of the 2020 Census Complete Count Committee. This slogan was decided on in Friday’s meeting.

The Census Count will take place next year and the committee is working hard to make sure Waco and the surrounding areas are getting ready for it. But why is it so important that we get a complete count of everyone in the community?

“It touches anything from public housing to eduction to roads that are being built in our state. So believe it or not, the funding that we get for those type of projects are based off the Census 2020. So it is imperative that we count every person that we can in our community,” Sabido says.

The process hasn’t been all smooth sailing. There has been some controversy surrounding the Census. Specifically the question about citizenship the Trump Administration wants to add.

In response to the controversy, Sabido says, “I am hopeful that regardless of what the outcome is, the status of if you’re legal here or not, that whatever the vote is, that people will still come out and vote knowing that it won’t affect anything else. So it’s very important that whether you’re here legally or illegally that you are still making an effort to come out and take the Census.”

The Census form will be available online so you can complete it from the comfort of your own home.

“From your smart phone, your iPad, your laptop. All it takes is the maximum ten minutes so hopeful people will see the importance of it, take it seriously, and take the Census,” Sabido says.

The next Census Complete Count Committee meeting will be on July 19.

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