Central Texans share viewpoints on COVID Vaccines


WACO, Texas – Everyone has a different opinion when it comes to getting vaccinated for COVID-19.

Some are optimistic, like Tyler Boyd.

“Obviously, they’ve done the trial. They’ve had a positive success with it, otherwise they wouldn’t be giving it to the public. So I definitely would feel good about taking it,” he said.

Others are a bit skeptical, like Chloe.

“I’m all for vaccines. But in my opinion, I’m nervous to take it without knowing the side effects of the vaccine and not knowing what would happen after you take it,” she said.

Dr. Tim Martindale, even after contracting the virus himself, has cared for dozens of COVID-19 patients weekly. He says after following the developments surrounding COVID vaccines, he’s optimistic that the vaccine is a game changer.  

“I work at taking care of COVID, treating COVID, testing COVID everyday, coaching COVID. So it’s a part of my life all day. If i can get that to make sure I’m protected while I’m serving patients for this, I’m going to get it first thing when it’s available,” said Dr. Martindale.

Dr. Martindale says he admires scientists’ new strategy to fight the disease where they create a harmless replica of the virus and infuse it into a patient. He explains as a response, the patient’s immune system effectively fights off the damaging components of the virus.

“It’s like taking a photo, saying here’s the person to watch out for, but the person’s not there. Same things. This is a vaccine that’s going to get into your body, but it can’t make you sick,” he explained.

He says for doctors to create an effective vaccine in less than a year’s time gives strength to his optimism.

“The fact that it happened quickly does not mean it’s unsafe. It means that it’s a remarkable ingenuity of partnership and expertise in the newest science,” Martindale said.

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