Central Texans weigh in as Pot Bill gets passed


WACO, Texas – The Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement ACT passed largely along party lines.

The legislation would clear the way to erase nonviolent federal marijuana convictions, and would also allow the federal government to tax and regulate marijuana and cannabis products.

Most Republicans voted no. However, Florida Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz was actually a co-sponsor of the bill.

So far, FOX44 is getting mixed reviews so far on the marijuana bill. Folks say while they have concerns, they are keeping an open mind about it.

“There’s people in Texas using it now, you know? I just don’t want it to end up like any other drug like meth or cocaine or K2,” Katie Alexander said.

“Regardless if the bill is passed or not, people will still be able to access it no matter what,” said Cristi Avila.

But senators are left to decide whether this access will be legal or remain illegal on the federal level.

While some oppose the legal use of recreational marijuana as proposed in the bill passed by the House, they say they believe marijuana use has its place nationwide.

“I would go all for, as long as it’s medical use only. I mean, there’s a lot of things it can help – eyesight, calming….I mean, I’m all for it,” Cassidy Anders said.

“It needs to have testing done or medical reasoning done for it. Not just, ‘Here we go.’ I don’t want Colorado all over again. I’m all for it, but I’m also worried about it being passed,” Danielle Artzt echoed.

Some believe resources should be attached to legalizing recreational use of marijuana to prevent widespread abuse.

“I think that if it were to pass here in Texas, that a lot of things need to be put into place like education, or look out for people who already have criminal backgrounds or other things going on,” said Avila.

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