The CTC Board of Trustees announced during their June workshop that KNCT-TV will cease television broadcasting at midnight on August 31, 2018.

The Central Texas College Board of Trustees voted to not to repack public television station KNCT-TV last February. This meant the station, at some point, would no longer offer programming.

CTC will continue to offer local programming via internet streaming and social media outlets. KNCT will provide information on how viewers can receive PBS programming on the station website and through on-air announcements in late July and August.

The repacking was a result of the broadcast spectrum incentive auction last year, which forced the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to repack the UHF television band by assigning television stations to channels 14-35. KNCT-TV, at Channel 46, was scheduled to be one of the “repacked” television stations and would have had to relocate to channel 17 by March 2020.

The $4.4 million cost to repack was the deciding factor in the CTC Board of Trustees’ decision not to repack, which would cease KNCT-TV broadcasting. As a public television station, KNCT receives funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting grant, viewer donations and Central Texas College.

Expenses for the past five years are:

2017: $1,995,983

2016: $1,995,030

2015: $2,005,832 (FCC-mandated high-definition upgrades caused the larger spike in 2015)

2014: $1,883,758

2013: $1,807,923

Corporation for Public Broadcasting grants received in the last five years:

2017: $625,946

2016: $692,380

2015: $703,439

2014: $692,979

2013: $663,714

KNCT Memberships/Fundraising in the past five years:

2017: $158,698

2016: $186,597

2015: $190,133

2014: $179,822

2013: $172,455

CTC contributions to KNCT in the past five years:

2017: $392,198

2016: $361,845

2015: $297,599

2014: $324,655

2013: $333,225

KNCT-FM 91.3 public radio is not impacted by the decision not to repack the television station. KNCT-FM will continue to broadcast 24 hours a day at 91.3MHz. For listeners with HD radios channel 91.3 (1) offers easy listening music while Channel 91.3 (2) offers 24-hour classical music. The station operations will be under CTC’s Business Services department.

The decision will also not impact the radio/television academic program. Beginning with the fall 2018 semester, CTC’s Radio/Television academic department will be renamed the Communication and Media Technology program and placed under the Business Administration department. The department offers an Associate of Arts degree and three Certificates of Completion in radio broadcasting, television/radio broadcasting and television news videography.

Source: Central Texas College