Central Texas daycares taking extra precaution amid COVID-19 concerns


WACO, Texas – Daycare facilities in the Greater Waco area are working overtime to make sure the children under their care don’t become exposed to COVID-19.

The director of Sanders Academy for Excellence put in a place a non-negotiable checkpoint in the morning and in the afternoon for parents and guardians.

“We’re stopping people before they come inside my establishment. We go outside the door, and I make sure I sanitize my thermometer and I take temperatures,” says Deidre Sanders.

She tells FOX44 that if the temperatures of the parents or kids exceeds 100.4 degrees, they won’t be allowed inside.

She says they are taking the serious precautionary measure to ensure safety for the kids and staff at the academy.

For Sanders, attention to detail when it comes to their daily procedures isn’t out of the ordinary – however, with the rise of COVID-19 concerns, those detailed daily procedures are being ramped up and highly enforced.

“I’ve always been very precautious about health and safety, keeping the place clean every night, but we’re wearing gloves to make sure we don’t pass anything, no germs or anything, and they don’t give any germs or anything to us,” says Sanders.

Sanders says she and her staff are not just taking note of temperatures, but they’re on the lookout for other symptoms, as well.

“With the Coronavirus, we’re just making sure that nothing comes in here where there’s a cough or sneeze, making sure everybody is completely healthy,” she says.

As directed by the McLennan County Public Health District, the Sanders Academy for Excellence is spending the extra time and effort to sanitize the facility from top to bottom daily.

“Every time we leave, we’re bleaching out the place, making sure that every room is sanitized, mopping every room, cleaning out the restrooms, making sure that everything is completely wiped down, bleached down really good, even though we don’t have any fevers in here, making sure everything is clean and sterile,” says Sanders.

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