WACO, Texas – After three years of searching, and losing hope, Rocky made it home thanks to the collaboration of local animal welfare groups.

When this thin, frail 15-year-old dog arrived at the Waco Animal Shelter as a stray, he didn’t have the strength to stand. A good samaritan found him on the side of the road and brought him in, knowing he needed more help than she could provide.

The City of Waco veterinary team quickly assessed him, ran some tests, and learned that he likely has cancer, impaired vision, and mobility issues – in addition to numerous other conditions related to old age and lack of care.

Not wanting him to spend one night in the shelter, they brought him directly to the Adoption Center – where the Humane Society of Central Texas team jumped into action to find a foster home for him to live out his final days.

Local hospice animal rescue group Old Souls Animal Rescue and Retirement Home is no stranger to dogs in this condition, so they took him in to see if they could help. In their care, after just two days surrounded by other hospice animals and lots of love, this sweet dog perked up – and was able to walk on his own. He began eating more than his fair share of food.

They named him Batiste – after Jon Batiste, the band leader on the Steven Colbert Show. This is because of the musician’s incredibly positive outlook on life, and the way he exudes happiness.

(Courtesy: Humane Society of Central Texas)

After two weeks, the Humane Society of Central Texas and Old Souls were both convinced that while Batiste was old and sick – he definitely had some time left to enjoy life. The Humane Society of Central Texas posted him on their Facebook page as a success story in hopes of encouraging the community to foster shelter animals.

This is when Eileen sent a message asking if this could possibly be her dog Rocky, who went missing three years ago. She had posted him on the hugely popular Facebook page Central Texas Lost and Found Pets in hopes someone might find him and contact her. For three years, this post remained on the Facebook page, and the page’s admins stayed in touch with her even though Eileen and her family lost all hope that Rocky was alive or that they would ever see him again.

But in an unbelievable twist of fate, Eileen happened to see Rocky, completely by chance, on the Humane Society’s Facebook page looking three years older and a little worse for the wear, but that was certainly her baby boy! After exchanging messages with the HSCTX and Old Souls, a reunion was scheduled for the next day at the Humane Society. With Rocky’s neurological conditions, he couldn’t exactly jump for joy, but everyone else did.

It is unknown where he was all this time, who he lived with, and how he survived, but Rocky made his way home to his forever family thanks to everyone working together – the City of Waco veterinary team, the Humane Society of Central Texas, Old Souls Animal Rescue and Retirement Home, and the Central Texas Lost and Found Pets Facebook page.

Today, Rocky is living his best life back in the same home where he grew up – truly enjoying the last chapter of his life!

Source: Humane Society of Central Texas