TEMPLE, Texas – The Central Texas Food Bank distributed 1,500 emergency food boxes to those living in Bell County on Thursday morning.

“If anybody was not sure that the need was needed, come and look at this crowd and see,” said John Potts, Commander of the American Legion Post 133 in Temple.

The big event was hosted there after the CTFB contacted Potts about using his location.

Hundreds of cars lined up to receive two emergency food boxes – one with shelf-stable items and the other with frozen food – a combined 48 pounds of necessities.

“Anything is a big help. I feel blessed to have it,” said Rex Melvin, who lives in Morgan’s Point.

Melvin just got all of his toes cut off because of diabetes. For him, the meal distribution was a blessing.

“I’m on disability, and it don’t go very far. Can’t get out and work, can’t do anything, you know? You got to take what you can get,” added Melvin.

For others, it was a big help when supplies were running low.

“We lost some hours at our job. Still considered essential, but they cut back. So the Central Texas Food Bank, they are doing a wonderful thing here helping people that are less fortunate. People that are in need, people that don’t have enough food to feed their families,” said Darian Aker, Temple resident.

Aker says if the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we should always be prepared.

“Whenever you go to the store after this is done, buy a little extra, set back a little bit, have that little bit of a buffer, you know? That way, you have that cushion. So that way, when something does happen and you have to bunker down and shelter in place, you have that security,” said Aker.

Because when we help each other, the community thrives.

“To me, this is part of the community. This is Temple, Texas. This is showing the people that we don’t mind coming out and supporting the people,” said Potts.

The Central Texas Food Bank is always looking for volunteers. You can click HERE for more information.