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Central Texas man hailed as hero after Southwest flight


A Central Texas couple is back home after a frightening experience on a Southwest airplane.

Tim and Kristen McGinty of the Hillsboro area were on a flight from New York to Dallas when an engine exploded. Shrapnel from the engine broke out a window, and Tim helped stop a woman from being sucked out of the plane.

“And we couldn’t pull in. My buddy, a guy, helped. We got her pulled in, and they tried to resuscitate her. Anyway, the crew and pilot – they got….they got it landed somehow. Anyway, it’s just an ordeal,” Tim said.

“Tim took care of us and and got our masks on and just started praying. And it was a rough ride,” says passenger Sheri Sears.

The woman, Jennifer Riordan of Albuquerque, later died – plus seven people were injured. The NTSB continues to investigate what caused the engine trouble.

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