WACO, Texas — AP News reported last week that the nationwide rate of COVID-19 vaccinations in children is much lower than anticipated. But local doctors believe it’s due to a fear of the unknown.

“We’re in a time where it’s really hard to get good information,” Dr. Dominic Lucia said, the Chief Medical Officer of McLane Children’s Hospital. “There’s a lot of scary stuff that can make making these choices really difficult.”

Dr. Lucia explained that’s one of the reasons many parents are struggling with the idea of vaccinating their children against COVID-19.

As a father of five, he explained that only a parent can make the decision for their child getting a vaccine.

But he did tell FOX 44 what questions he’s been hearing from parents.

“First and foremost, would it be safe for my child to get the vaccine,” he said. “And was it tested on kids? And is it really necessary for my child to get the vaccine? One of the big misconceptions that we’ve seen through the pandemic is that if your kid gets COVID, they’re always going to be fine.”

Lucia said that many children who have contracted the virus recover with no issues. But some, who may have underlying medical conditions, could be in the hospital for a few days, which is always stressful for not just the patient but their family.

He also recommended that if you aren’t sure about the vaccine, there are some websites and options to get good reliable information on the shot.

“I think as far as the web goes, my my suggestion to parents would be look at the American Academy of Pediatrics and their information on COVID vaccinations and recommendations for kids,” he said. “That’s an organization that’s been around for decades and has always looked towards how we best take care of our kids in this country. And then secondarily, would be your own pediatrician or family medicine physician.”