WACO, Texas — Many senior care residents are extremely excited to be having a somewhat normal holiday season after last year, and the facility supervisors are just as happy.

“So most definitely it’s opened a lot more,” Greenview Manor Administrator Seth Robins said. “People are able to go out on pass. People are able to go out on night pass if they want to.”

That’s one of the luxuries that many senior care residents did not have during the 2020 holiday season.

After many were stuck inside their care facilities for the majority of 2020, many centers are opening back up and allowing not only families to visit but for residents to leave to celebrate the holidays.

“On Saturday and tomorrow, on Friday, on Christmas Eve, we already have lists going of residents are getting picked up to go home with their families or family members that are coming and going to join them in their room for their for the Christmas meal,” St. Anthony’s Care Center Administrator Tammy Robison said.

And despite the looming fear of the spreading Omicron variant, both centers have plans for residents who are either going out for the holiday or having family come to visit.

“Well, we do encourage them to practice safe, you know, practices while they’re out with their family, and once they come back, then we will continue to screen them as we do every day for any of the symptoms that are arising,” St. Anthony’s Nursing Director Pam Martin said.

“Get a general sense of, you know, how many people are they in contact with and definitely if there’s any potential for exposure,” Robins said. “You know, we do further screening so everybody get screened.”

The facilities were very happy to be able to bring back many holiday activities that were cancelled last year, like movie nights and Christmas parties.

“Today we had a party, our residents got to gather communally in a room and celebrate and sing and share food and festivities,” Robison said.

If you have a loved one you would like to visit or take out of their care facility for the holidays, both centers said you just need to get in contact and let them know in advance.