CRAWFORD, Texas – For the ninth year, a Crawford man is drawing the masses to his home at 330 Butler Lane this holiday season with his Christmas light show.

“When we were able, we started putting up lights. And it keeps growing and getting bigger and bigger,” says Kevin Hetherington, the mastermind behind the Christmas light show in his front yard.

After nine years and more than five miles of extension cords, the light show is now the talk of the town and attraction in Central Texas around this time of year.

Dozens park their cars everynight and sit in awe of the vibrant light show flickering to the beat of popular Christmas songs.

The display is something for all to enjoy young and old.

One family brought a two-year-old by for his birthday, and they say the light show this year certainly didn’t disappoint.

“There’s so much to see and so many different things on the house and on the ground. It’s just really beautiful,” says Ariel Gartner.

Folks we talked with traveled 20 minutes, others 30. Regardless, they say it won’t be their last time this holiday season.

“Once we got over here seeing everything and the way they have it coordinated and all of the decorations itself, it’s just been a really neat experience. It’s worth the drive,” says visitor Ronoldi Bernal.

The designer behind it all says this is his special way of spreading Christmas cheer.

“Christmas time is a time of giving, happy and joyful. So it’s nice to see everybody smile and come up and see something that’s free with a little bit of design and has a little bit of Christmas music and makes everybody happy,” says Hetherington.

His wife, though she sees the set up and knows what to expect, is blown away like hundreds of Central Texans every year.

“I’m proud of him. He puts a lot of work and effort into it, and it just amazes me and our whole family every year that he’s done it again,” she says.