Citizens speak with KPD Chief Kimble about crime rate


The people of Killeen had a chance to meet and ask one-on-one questions to Police Chief Charles Kimble in a community forum Monday night. 

Questions for Chief Kimble ranged from gang violence to sex trafficking to murder.

One Killeen resident came out to speak with Chief Kimble because she doesn’t understand why the gang activity in her neighborhood is overlooked. 

“To me it’s scary because they now haze,” said Sandra Minor, “They have to commit certain crimes to be part of the gangs and since they’ve lost their markings, it’s random, It’s like go get her and do something to her, so it was a huge concern for me.” 

Chief Kimble told Minor and everyone else at the forum who notice any suspicious activity to report it, and cops will head that way to check out the situation. 

But Minor is concerned there won’t be enough officers to help because of recent budget cuts. 

“If you’re overworked you get stressed out, and when you’re stressed you make poor choices and i just want to make sure we have enough law enforcement officers so that the officers can have an effective job.” 

Several community members spoke out thanking Kimble for his honesty and persistence in the last three months as chief. 

Including Sandra. 

“He’s one of the few ones that have allowed himself, to come out and engage and hear our voices, and it’s great that he’s hear to hear our voices.”

And Kimble says he’s just doing his job.

“Just now we went almost a month and a half without a murder. when i first got here we were having a homicide every 11 days,” said Kimble, “So, it’s working. We are finding the formula and getting to that sweet spot to help stop the crime here.”

Chief Kimble says in the next few months he wants to hold more community forums like his Meet and Greet. 

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