City of Franklin continues to clean up damage from EF-3 tornado


As more severe storms are expected to develop across Central Texas on Saturday, Franklin residents are working to fix the damage done just over a month ago by an EF-3 tornado.

With winds around 140 mph, the tornado tore through the city destroying more than 60 buildings.

“It’s really unique in this community how everybody comes together and helps everyone,” says Jerry Redden, Assistant Director of the Franklin Food Pantry. 

The Franklin Food Pantry took a hard hit when the twister ripped through the town in April.

“As far as here, has been touch and go trying to get things kind of cleaned up and stuff and arranged before we open back up,” Redden explains.

It tore off the roof and the roll-up door where they unload the food.

Redden and a couple of others rode out the tornado inside the building.

“When we were in it, it really wasn’t that scary. But when you come out and see all the damage that was done, you realize your life could have been gone in a blink of a eye. So praise to God for saving everyone,” Redden says.

The food pantry has a temporary fix for the roof, but they are hoping to have something more permanent in the next two weeks, depending on weather.

“You need about a week of dry weather. Not raining. Because taking the roof off and putting it back on, you can’t put it back on in one day and you don’t want to get the insulation wet,” Redden says.

Robertson County is expecting more severe weather on Saturday, and Redden says it will be hard to stay in Franklin if a tornado warning is issued.

“It changed my whole outlook on that kind of weather, so I guess really haven’t gotten over that,” Redden says.

As for the damaged homes, they are continuing to be cleaned up and the roofs patched back together.

The food pantry plans to help the people who lost their homes. Usually, the food pantry serves around 200 people a month. 

“We plan on restocking their pantry with food and stuff, so that will help cut some of the costs,” Redden says.

The food pantry will fully open back up in a month when everything is repaired. 

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