City of Harker Heights discusses vaccination dispensing locations


The City of Harker Heights approved a resolution authorizing an agreement between themselves and Bell County to provide vaccine dispensing locations throughout the city.

“We want to set up a point of distrubution, better known as a ‘pod,’ here in town at our site. And when that happens, they bring in the serums for the vaccines and we can set those up in the those particular locations where they end up being,” says Harker Heights Fire Chief Paul Sims.

Sims says the resolution was proposed as a precautionary measure to keep citizens of Harker Heights safe in case of an outbreak.

“If, for instance, just for an example, if there was a need to have a large scale innoculation of people because we had a mass flu or something, with the flu taking place in the city, then they could use that as the point of dispensing of those innoculation in varying places around the city,” Sims says.

Sims added that the approval of the resolution could soon bring vabluable resources to citizens.

“When or if that takes place, it gives them a location to go to. And we’ll be able to inform them, this is where you go to get your vaccine for you and your family if you live in the city,” Sims says.

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