City of Marlin nearing full recovery after winter water crisis


MARLIN, Texas – The mayor of Marlin says after exhausting every effort, the city is on its way to recovering from the winter water crisis.

After several days without water, Marlin residents now have a few places they can go to in case they need it.

“We saw no resources were coming, so we made it happen on our own,” says Mayor Carolyn Lofton.

Mayor Lofton tells FOX44 the winter storms put her and the city in a scenario its never faced before – but she says city leadership made due with what they could.

She says over the weekend, volunteers and leaders came up with dozens of pallets of water to distribute to senior citizens in residents in need. Many of those cases are still being handed out today.

Mayor Lofton says the water plant is on its way back into normal operations after a pipe busted last week – shutting off the city’s supply.

“Once we get those air compressors in and get those installed, then we will be running back at full capacity,” she said.

In the meantime, an H-E-B water truck holds about 5,000 gallons for residents to fill up in their own containers. Although it’s mainly for use – if boiled – the water is drinkable, as well.

The mayor tells FOX44 she’s walking away from the water crisis – saying she sees the importance of being proactive.

“Instead of waiting for those resources to come, we got out and started getting resources for our community on our own. Because we knew we had to take care of us when no one else would,” Mayor Lofton stated.

The city says it will update residents through social media posts regarding water distribution efforts.

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