City of Mart discusses improvement projects


There have been a number of issues facing the City of Mart since last year – everything from sewage issues, code enforcement and lack of city improvement.

During Monday night’s City Council meeting, they are looking to improve all of these issues as soon as possible.

One of the most pressing topics discussed was the TCEQ report. Just last month, a report was released from January addressing the city’s wastewater issues – which including sewage spills.

Now thanks to a few pipe cleanup projects, this will alleviate those issues from happening in the future. 

A consultant for the city, also a member of the MRB group, spoke about the TCEQ report and some of the things they are requiring the city to fix. He also discussed what the city has been working on to make sure they are following the TCEQ training guildlines given to them after the reported sewage spill.

City of Mart Mayor Len Williams further explains what the consulting group did to fix the issue.

“They have gone through with cameras, that’s what he’s talking about, and found this debris that’s in this area. And it helped the area and all those sewers from getting infiltrated. That infiltration that comes from this is what causes a lot of our problems,” Williams says.

The city will also start working on a city-wide cleanup project, which will include the demolition of uninhabitable homes which have been left behind.

Kevin Schaffer is now the new City Enforcement Official. He is already the current city manager and secretary. This is, however, not a code enforcement officer role. This would require more in-depth training.

What he can do is focus on giving out warning letters to homeowners who have issues pertaining to overgrown grass or weeds, rubbish in or around their property and inoperable vehicles. What he won’t and can’t do is tackle infrastructure issues.

The city says they will not look to profit from these warnings, but after a number of letters have gone out to the homeowners, Schaffer will then go to the municiple court to sort it out legally.

“If it hasn’t been completed, then I go before the Municipal Court and swear out as a affiant and then that begins the process for the Municipal Court to send out a letter to the homeowner. Need to come in on such and such date and appear before the prosecutor,” Schaffer says.

Starting this month, city officials are looking to get started tackling the city in different sections every week to help with the overall cleanup effort.

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