City of Temple reports significant wastewater overflow

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The City of Temple’s wastewater collection system has experienced a significant overflow.

Recent excessive rainfall surcharged the wastewater collection line and caused the discharge into Bird Creek. Domestic sewage spills have been reported at:

– 4320 Lion’s Park Road – approximately 892,500 gallons

– 2501 Westwood Road – approximately 161,250 gallons

– 3420 Northwood Road – approximately 220,500 gallons

– 3010 Ira Young Drive – approximately 15,000 gallons

– 3550 SW H. K. Dodgen Loop – approximately 21,000 gallons

Areas potentially affected include Bird Creek Drive, between Westwood Road and Bird Creek Drive; Ira Young Drive, between S 57th Street and Interstate 35 and SW H. K. Dodgen Loop at Bird Creek Terrace.

The City of Temple has notified the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Crews will remove debris and properly disinfect the affected areas.

The City of Temple says the public should avoid contact with waste material, soil or water in the areas potentially affected by the spill. If the public comes into contact with waste material, soil or water potentially affected by the spill, they should bathe and wash clothes thoroughly as soon as possible.

People using private drinking water supply wells located within a half-mile of the spill site or within the potentially affected area should use only water which has been distilled or boiled at a rolling boil for at least one minute for all personal uses – including drinking, cooking, bathing and brushing teeth. Individuals with private water wells should have their water tested and disinfected, if necessary, prior to discontinuing distillation or boiling.

The City says this event did not harm the public water supply in any way, and that residents should not experience any interruption of water services.

Source: City of Temple

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