WACO, Texas – 44 code violations are listed in the City of Waco’s lawsuit against Trendwood Investors LLC, the owners of Trendwood Apartments.

The city attorney says through this lawsuit they are aiming to make living conditions at the apartment complex safe, sanitary and code-compliant.

“I put in work orders, but they never come and do anything. I’ve been putting in work orders since I’ve been here,” says resident Dearvin Bowden.

Bowden has lived in the apartment complex for over a year now, and she says she is fed up with the unresolved maintenance issues continuing to pile up so much so that she has requested to move to a different unit.

“We put in a request to move, and they still haven’t moved us. They told us they’re not going to move us because of the smell that’s in the apartment, for me to close my toilet seat, I won’t smell the smell,” Bowden says.

She and many residents in the complex say the requests they have made for repairs and maintenance either go unnoticed or ignored, which is why she believes the City of Waco filed a civil lawsuit earlier this month.

The lawsuit outlines the property’s violation of numerous city ordinances said to create health and safety problems for the tenants.

A few of the violations listed include: structures deemed insanitary to the extent where they are unfit for human occupancy, structures not kept free from rodent harborage and infestation, structures not maintained in good repair posing a threat to safety and welfare.

Also, roof drains and downspouts unmaintained free from obstruction, faulty dead-bolt locks, unlit common halls and stairwells as well as plumbing and electrical hazards.

Bowden says the lawsuit is well-grounded.

“They need to because they aren’t trying to fix anything over here. I mean, everybody has a complaint in, and they’re not doing anything to try and fix nothing over here,” she says.

The lawsuit is provided below.