WACO, Texas – Kent George, Waco’s Economic Development Manager, has been active in managing the growth of businesses in Waco over the years. 

He says Waco is in the process of welcoming six new hotels, multiple retail shops, restaurants, and downtown living.

The amount of dollars invested in the downtown area alone is much higher than average.

“I’ve recently came across that we are over $300 million worth of public and private investment in the downtown area. That’s a pretty impressive number. If you were to go away from Waco for a while and come back within that three-year span, you’d be impressed with the development that’s taking place,” George says.

But with so much on the horizon for the city, he doesn’t expect folks to be going away. He says there’s a lot of newly-opened venues and more venues scheduled to open in the near future.

“We’ve got coffee shops happening here. Magnolia Press just recently opened. Of course, Chip and Joanna and their announcement of their new hotel doesn’t hurt a thing. So we definitely have a lot of spark and energy taking place in our downtown area,” George says.

George and city officials are extremely optimistic about what’s in the works.

“[I’m] Absolutely optimistic. If you look at our economy in the state of Texas, things are booming. We foresee that we will continue to boom here in Waco,” George says.