City offers progress report on Suspension Bridge as tarp comes off


WACO, Texas – Wacoans can see a portion of the world-famous Suspension Bridge for the first time in almost a year after workers removed half the tarp which covered it this week.

They have not been shy in showing their enthusiasm.

“People are excited to see it again. It’s been hidden for too long,” City of Waco Park Development Manager Tom Balk said. “We’re working through that difficult middle stage where we just have to do the work and get done.”

Balk says the two-year project is about 40 percent done, with most of the work having being done beneath the surface. The new foundation will go all the way to the floor of the Brazos River.

“When the new cables show up, they are tied into a system that goes all the way down to bedrock,” Balk said. “It’s going to significantly increase the capacity, strength and durability of this bridge to last another hundred years.”

The renovations are the first of its kind for the bridge since 1914, and the new version will be without its usual wood paneling.

For those who are itching to visit the bridge again, the city believes it will be a long, long time until there’s this much tarp on the bridge again.

“We may never need the foundation work again. We may not need replacement cables for over 150 years,” Balk said. “Those are huge numbers, and we’re committed to keeping those as high as possible.”

The project is expected to be completed by spring 2022.

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