Civilians save cement truck driver from fiery crash


A cement truck caught fire after overturning off of Interstate 35 last weekend. The driver just barely escaped the smoke and flames. 

“The inside of the cab was lit on fire, and it was full of smoke too. The door was on fire also, but it was the only way we could get him out,” Sirois said. 

On Saturday morning, smoke and flames engulfed a cement truck off of Interstate 35 in Belton with the driver trapped inside. Allen Sirois was working across the street and jumped into action by grabbing a fire extinguisher and running to the scene. 

“It had blown out a tire and ran into the ramp on the side of the highway and flipped over,” Sirois said.  

On Tuesday, a bent guard rail and a burnt patch of grass are left over from the fiery weekend crash. Sirois jumped on top of the burning passenger door and fought past the flames to pull the driver out. 

“The main thing was I was going to do my best. No matter how long. And it took me a while to be able to get him out,” Sirois said. 

Luckily, he and a couple of others were able to get the driver to safety – escaping the truck’s explosion just seconds after.  

“If I would have waited a minute longer, it probably would have ended a whole lot worse,” Sirois said. 

Sirois doesn’t consider himself a hero, and did what he thinks anyone would have done. 

“I’d sure hate to die burning alive. I figured he’d do the same thing for somebody else,” Sirois said. 

Sirois said he’s keeping in close contact with the victim, who he says is doing well. He left the crash with just minor cuts and bruises. 

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