Co-founder of Sunthetics calls Temple home


TEMPLE, Texas – You might recognize Daniela Blanco from the documentary Own the Room. This entrepreneur has traveled far, and now she’s happy to call Central Texas home.

Blanco has helped create solar-powered chemicals to decrease waste in the chemical industry.

“I’m a chemical engineer who has had a lot of obstacles in her life,” Blanco says.

Blanco grew up in Venezuela. She immigrated to the United States to get her PhD in Chemical Engineering at New York University.

“But I’m going to be honest with you, it’s always hard to be an immigrant and be far away from those you love the most,” says Blanco.

Blanco has made her mark. She has been nationally awarded and recognized for her work. She shares her journey on the National Geographic Documentary Own the Room, and now she is happy to call Temple home.

Blanco is one of seven current tenant companies working on life science technology at the Temple Health and Bioscience District (THBD).

“I’m very grateful we have gotten, especially here in Temple, the lab space. Everyone… just feels like they’re in your corner,” says Blanco.

Only about 30 percent of engineers are women, and Daniela says she’s proud to be part of this.

“And I feel very blessed to be a woman in engineering, to also be Latina, to be an immigrant, to be someone who is fighting for her dreams,” says Blanco.

And she couldn’t do this alone.

“I’ve worked really hard, but I’m only here because my family, my mom, my mentors…..because everyone has been so supportive,” says Blanco.

Growing up in Venezuela, she had a passion for invention and discovery – naturally leading her along the path to chemical engineering.

“I want Sunthetics to be a driver for sustainability, a driver for woman engineers, for immigrants, for anyone in this new generation of engineers that knows our planets needs more from us,” says Blanco.

Daniela and her team have earned numerous awards and grants. She has been able to start hiring people to work alongside her.

Now that she is located in Temple, she is looking to hire locally. She is looking for data scientists, experts in machine-learning, and business leaders to join her team. If anyone is interested, they can reach out at or through their website

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