January 01 2022 12:00 am

Commercial material shortages continue


WACO, Texas – The process to build or renovate has been a lot slower than normal due to construction material shortages.

The cost and availability of products have been a concern for local contractors, with lumber and steel as the most cited shortage.

According to the U.S Chamber Commercial Construction Index, 93% of contractors are facing at least one material shortage.

Procraft Remodeling Owner WC Brentham says there is one item they have been having a hard time finding to complete projects.

“Paint!” Brentham said. “Sherwin Williams, Kelly Moore, and Benjamin Moore have had to take a couple of products off the shelf. They just aren’t receiving it.”

The reported shortages are connected to the impact of the pandemic.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Executive Vice President & Chief Policy Officer Neil Bradley said in a statement:

“The pandemic has exacerbated issues contractors were already facing in availability and cost of materials from tariffs and a shortage of skilled workers.”

Brentham says despite these challenges he has found a way to keep his customers satisfied.

“I’ve driven to Bee Cave to get three gallons of paint, that’s in Austin,” Brentham said. “We’re going out of our way to make sure we get the products for the people that are local to us, just to make sure the project does move forward.”

In addition, letting his customers know this is a hard time for the industry.

“Be honest with the people that are letting you in their home. If you are honest with them they will with open arms allow you to do whatever you need to do.”

Supply chains are still adapting and recovering from the pandemic.

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