Community gathers to honor Deputy Matt Jones


Waco, Tx – Law enforcement from all over Texas came out to attend the memorial service of Deputy Matt Jones. Deputy Jones was struck by a car and killed when helping someone on the side of the road.

“Mathew Ryan Jones, 30, of Waco, died Friday October 11, 2019 while on duty as a Deputy Sheriff for the Falls County Sheriff’s Department.”

That day, a car hydroplaned on Highway 6 and slammed into Deputy Matt Jones.

Friends, family, and coworkers spoke about what they will miss about him.

“Matt always had that infectious smile on his face, never was rattled by a call, and always remained calm cool and collected. He enjoyed life. He enjoyed every minute of it. He enjoyed his family, he enjoyed his friends, he enjoyed his job. He enjoyed everything about it. He lived life to the fullest,” said Ricky Scaman, the Falls County Sheriff.

Matt worked as the county’s K9 Officer. Local K9 Officers and their dogs came out to pay their respects to him and his dog Thor.

“There’s a unique bond between dog and officer. They are with each other 24/7. Thor followed Matt everywhere and had a weird habit of taking Matt’s clothes from around the house and then depositing them all around the house.”

Matt being remembered as a great son, brother, and husband who was taken to soon.

“Sometimes things don’t go the way their supposed too. Kids aren’t supposed to die first. Grand-kids aren’t supposed to die first. Wives aren’t supposed to lose husbands who are thirty years old. It’s just not supposed to happen.”

Deputy Jones will not be forgotten.

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