WACO, Texas – The Talitha Koum Institute helps children who are at risk and have dealt with trauma.

The institute takes kids through a six-step conflict-resolution process so they learn how to solve problems. It also builds the brain from the bottom up by doing sensory motor integration activities throughout the day.

“We do a brain map every fall on each child, and all their therapeutic interventions fall out of the brain map – which is actually a look inside the brain where the lowest deficits are occurring,” says Executive Director Susan Cowley.

However, they are working out of a building from the 1960s and are in need of many repairs. Some of the problems include the siding falling off, a leaking roof, plastic windows, and the gym has no air conditioning or working ventilation fans.

People in the community are stepping up to help with what they can.

Stinson Bland is the owner of Waco First Home Buyers, and when he heard about the problem, he did what he could to help.

“This is a way for me to use my expertise and my network to actually make an impact on their lives, and try to help these kids that have a pretty rough life already, and try to help them benefit and grow,” Bland said.

After Bland reached out to his network, Johnny Gonzalez said he would repair the roof at cost.

Cowley says they have been having roof problems for the last few years, but recently vultures came and made everything worse by sharpening their beaks on the roof. She said it is more than just inconvenient.

“When you have water coming into the nursery, falling into cribs, it is very difficult for a teacher to stay calm and alert and for the children to not notice,” Cowley said.

They are in the process of raising money for all of these projects. If you would like to donate, you can visit their website.