Community mourns long-time educator


Funeral services for a long-time Central Texas teacher and coach are being planned by family and McGregor ISD.

55-year-old Jerry Lynch died Friday night in an ATV crash.

Those who knew Lynch say she is leaving behind a legacy, the words “Go Forth and Be a Leader” will live on in the community for years to come.

“I think our kids learned their lessons well and they will go forth and be leaders and they are better for that because of Jerry Lynch,” said Superintendent James Lenamon, McGregor ISD.

A breast cancer survivor, teacher, basketball coach and overall good friend.

“There’s not a student on the campus that she hasn’t touched, there’s not a faculty member on the campus that wouldn’t tell you that she was a good friend and so we are going to head into a hard time for the next few days, no doubt we are going to feel that loss,” said Superintendent Lenamon.

Jerry Lynch passed away after riding on an ATV on Prairie Chapel Road.

“She passed on Good Friday, that’s the perfect weekend if youre going to meet Jesus, let’s do it Easter weekend when it’s the ultimate celebration and that’s what she stood for in her life,” said Debbie Singer, Teacher at McGregor High School.

Singer taught alongside Lynch for seven years, she calls her selfless.

“If you needed something, if she could help she was going to help you, if she couldn’t she knew somebody who would help you whether it was ag related, school related, she was just all around supportive person whether you were her friend at school, coworker, one of the students, just everywhere, her impact was everywhere,” said Singer.

School was out on holiday on Monday, but Tuesday students and faculty will walk down the halls, without a key McGregor Bulldog.

“She had more school spirit in her little finger than most people have in their whole body and she lived that, she lived for McGregor, she lived for our kids,” said Superintendent Lenamon.

Lynch was driving a Suzuki ATV when she lost control and it flipped over.

It happened Northwest of Crawford on a curve near Morgan Road.

Texas DPS says that ATV shouldn’t have been on the road in the first place.

“If you do choose to drive an all terrain vehicle make sure you keep that off road, off the roadway they are designed for off road use, wear your personal protective gear, your helmets, your gloves, your over the ankle boots, make sure you train, train to actually operate an all terrain vehicle because they can flip easily and they can overturn,” said Sergeant Ryan W. Howard, TX DPS.

Sergeant Howard says there are certain exemptions for people to be traveling on an ATV on a public roadway, but says they aren’t designed for that.

Right now the investigation into the crash is ongoing.

If you would like to order a Jerry Lynch Leader t-shirt, you can go here. Profits raised from the shirts will go to the Lynch Family.

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