Community reacts to Hewitt city leaders facing accusations


With a Hewitt City councilman resigning Friday the community now turns their eyes to the mayor. 

Both have been accused of discrimination and harassment against the female employees. 

Councilman Kurt Krakowian apologized to the employees in his resignation letter. 

The attorney defending those women is hoping a woman will now replace him. 

Even after resigning – the councilman and the mayor are calling these allegations ridiculous and hurtful.

The city manager saying this is a complicated case. 

Fox 44 spoke with the community members about how they feel about these accusations.  

Several people say this whole situation is a disgrace. 

But they are hoping it will be resolved soon and in the right way. 

George Kleypas says, “Women or men should be treated equally and people shouldl respect their opinion without critiquing them.” 

He sympathizes with the Hewitt City female employees who claim harassment and discrimination by the councilman Krakowian. 
While he apologized to Katie Allgood and Cassie Muske in his resignation letter he denies ever mistreating them. 

Now all eyes are on Mayor Ed Passalugo facing similar accusations. 

Kleypas says, “This should be settled with an outside law firm because local people just make up their mind about something and blow it out of proportion without sitting down and talking it over.” 

The mayor denies bullying, harassing or mistreating any city employees. 

Christina Morrow, another citizen says, “There are appropriate things to do in a workplace and then there are not, this should be common sense, but we have allowed too many things to get away for too long.”

Morrow has a message for those who think disrespecting women is not a big deal. 

“You respect your sister, you respect your mother, you would expect them to be treated that way and so it is your responsibility to treat other women that way.” 

Kleypas wants the city to heal and move on. 

“I hope that all these problems can be put behind.” 

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