WACO, Texas – Carter BloodCare is in desperate need of donors, as COVID cases are causing a critically low supply of blood.

Congressman Pete Sessions and his staff came together for a community service project to donate blood during such a critical time.

“We are very pleased and proud to not only be a part of trying to add blood supply, but to make sure we do this in a way to encourage others to do so, also,” Sessions said.

Carter BloodCare says this shortage is not just affecting Central Texas, but it is affecting all the centers nationwide.

Waco Carter BloodCare Director of Public Relations Linda Goelzer says COVID is the driving force behind the low blood supply.

“Even if someone is feeling well, [but] they are asymptomatic and tested positive, they must quarantine,” Goelzer said. “We don’t see that even flow of donors whenever we see a spike in cases. This spike, as many people know, is the highest we’ve seen since the pandemic began.”

Goelzer says hospitals depend on having blood on their shelves, but the blood donations are not meeting the demand – causing some to stop taking patients.

She says close to 800 patients need a blood transfusion daily for various reasons.

“Going into a surgery without an adequate supply means, many surgeries are put off and many people are denied access to the hospital,” Sessions said. “This is important that we, as citizens of Texas, and we as people who care, that we care about our communities. We need people to hear this plea of people needing to come give blood.”

Sessions says donating to carter BloodCare is a routine for him and he hopes the community will join his efforts.