Copperas Cove audits water bills after resident complaints


Copperas Cove homeowners upset about pricey water bills. Residents say it hasn’t been an issue until a new water utility company came in. 

Thomas Nickson has lived in his Copperas Cove home for almost 30 years. In all those years nothing has changed, until last spring. 

“It’s a shock to your budget,” Nickson said. “It’s double, triple, quadruple, 45,000 gallons is about triple of what I use. The 61,000 gallons from last August of 2017 was four times my average amount.”

Fathom, the city’s current water service platform has been contracted with Copperas Cove since 2016 and didn’t have any problems before that.

“I hadn’t had a single issue with the city of Copperas Cove water department. It’s always been accurate, correct, it’s been fair,” Nickson said. “As soon as Fathom took over, these issues started occurring.”

Now city councilors are requesting utility accounts audits. In an email statement, Copperas Cove officials say they will spend $16,000 to bring in a third party auditor.

They will then look at one percent of the accounts and review billings, meter readings, payments and corrections made on accounts. Funding for the auditing will come from the city’s water and sewer fund.

“This is ridiculous and it’s not just me,” Nickson said. “From what I understood, there were about 1500 customers that were affected by this. What I claim to be erroneous billing.”

Meaning there could be thousands of people paying hundreds of extra dollars. 

“I just really would like to see them get straightened around and corrected,” Nickson said.

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