Several Copperas Cove homeowners say a power surge damaged over $1,000 worth of appliances, and they are getting no help from their electricity provider Oncor.

They say they have tried to reach out to the company, but have just been left in the dark.   

“You know, I just think it’s unprofessional of Oncor not to contact people back,” says customer J.W. Alvarado.

J.W. and Sarah Alvarado just want one thing – for Oncor to respond to their messages. This comes after they say a power surge knocked out their electricity and fried their household appliances.

“We were experiencing flickering lights, that kind of thing, for a couple of days afterwards,” Sarah says. “And the microwave, our oven, and the dishwasher just never came back on.” 

Sarah says Oncor workers came out days following the surge and made repairs.

“So, a week after the initial power surge, they replaced the transformer out here completely,” she says.

And they are not alone.

“My neighbor next-door lost her electrical garage door opener, and their doorbell, and their microwave. The neighbors behind us actually had a fire start. A power strip wire caught fire,” Sarah says.

The Alverados then decided to file a claim.

“On the 31st I received this letter saying that they’re not responsible for any of the damages done to the house. I sent another email asking if they weren’t responsible, then why did they have a person come out and replace the transformer and working on the transformer? And then I never heard anything back from them,” J.W. says.

Now they just want the company to respond because they believe their faulty equipment cased the surge which damaged their appliances.

“They don’t have to replace it. They can send somebody to fix it, but I feel like it’s Oncor’s fault that this happened,” J.W. says.

Another homeowner says his home almost caught fire because of the surge.

We reached out to Oncor, but they didn’t respond to us by phone. They did, however, send us an email saying they are reviewing their claims.