COPPERAS COVE, Texas – The Copperas Cove Independent School District unanimously voted to increase pay for teachers and bus drivers on Tuesday.

For substitute teachers, the pay increases are retroactive back to September 13 – and for bus drivers, the start of the school year.

Bus drivers received an hourly increase from $14.65 per hour to $18 per hour. They can also earn up to $500 worth of incentives throughout the year.

Bus drivers are guaranteed a minimum of five hours per day and benefits. Here is a link to apply.

Substitute teachers can earn anywhere from $105 per day to $180 per day depending on qualifications. Qualification requirements are listed here.

One local woman is in her third year of substitute teaching at CCISD. She says she is excited about the pay raise and hopes it will bring more people to the school.

“The teachers are saying, ‘We need you. We don’t have a sub,'” substitute teacher Pat Fox said. “So they can’t do the things they need to do. Doctors appointments, their kids sick, they’re not feeling well, so I think this raise is very good.”

CCISD Assistant Director of Human Resources Chastsie Hooper says the major factor for the pay increase is due to a shortage of people.

“When you want to retain employees, pay is one of those things that it takes,” Hooper said. “We want to do that, and we definitely are in competition with other school districts, as well as other employees. When there’s a shortage, you have to be able to stand out.”

CCISD is one of many school districts in the area experiencing a shortage.

Killeen ISD passed a pay increase this summer for all employees, and they say they are in need of teachers. They encourage people to apply for any position.

“Killeen ISD is currently looking for over 200 classroom teachers,” KISD spokesperson Taina Maya said. “This is something we have been experiencing across the state as a school district, so we know there’s a shortage of teachers.”

Midway ISD told FOX 44 they are also in need of substitute teachers and bus drivers. Yesterday, they started promotions to raise substitute teacher pay to $100 per day. You can apply here.