Copperas Cove police have arrested two people in what appears to have been a counterfeiting operation and others in offenses related to it.

According to papers filed with the court, Detectives from the Copperas Cove Police Department served a search warrant at a home in the 700 block of Hill Street Friday, April 21.

During the search, one of the officers found what was listed in an arrest affidavit as some apparent counterfeit bills in a trash can in the living room.

The affidavit states that some were printed and cut out, while others were still on the paper that they were printed on.

The filing also says that in the living room was a TV stand were located some apparent counterfeit one dollar bills, also some cut out, some still on their original pages on which they were printed.

The bills had serial numbers matching those found in two cases police were investigating where counterfeit bills were passed at a Stripes Convenience Store  and that had been given to a taxi driver.

Elsewhere in the room, a suspected counterfeit twenty dollar bill was found, along with two more in a pouch in the master bedroom.

Also found in the pouch were syringes and small plastic baggies.

A suspected counterfeit ten was found in a night stand.

Officers removed what they termed ” a multitude of printers and various containers of printer ink located in the house.”

Arrested were Tammy Lynn Vanormer and Daniel Jose Dickson.

Arrested in connection with counterfeit bills being given to a taxi driver was Andrew Ray Camps.

Court papers in another case had Camps charged with making fraudulent temporary license tags that were found on a 2003 Lincoln Sport Utility Vehicle.

It had been spotted back in January during surveillance in another case.

It turned out the tag had actually originally been issued for a trailer and had expired in 2014 but had been modified to make it look current.

One other woman was also listed as a suspect in another counterfeit case believed related to these.