CENTRAL TEXAS – Both Killeen and Waco McLennan County Public Health District have noticed a drop of positive COVID cases this week.

“Our positivity rate got as high as 40% back in the first week or so of January, and we have come back down to about 30% positivity rate,” says assistant director Stephanie Alvey.

“I can tell you that as far as yesterday, because we do statistics every day, we’re down to about 25%,” says Peter Perez, director of emergency management for the city of Killeen.

The City of Killeen has opened two COVID service sites to help slow down the spread. The sites are offering COVID testing and vaccines.

“We assess the situation weekly and look at whether we need more or maybe we don’t need as many,” Perez.

The COVID-19 vaccine has been available for most ages. Stephanie Alvey with the Waco McLennan Public Health District shares the vaccine rate in McLennan County.

“Vaccination rate sits at about 52%, a little over 52, 2% for those five and up,” says Alvey.

That is far below the national average which sits at almost 64 percent for those fully vaccinated.

The City of Killeen has noticed a decrease in demand for vaccines.

“Anywhere from currently 25 to 75 people coming through our sites to get those shots a day. I can tell you back in October, November, December, we were doing somewhere around two to 300 a day,” says Perez.

The City of Killeen has also noticed that by providing these free services to the public, hospitals are getting a benefit.

“Large reduction in the demand of people in our ERs who are just looking for a COVID test. It’s been very, very helpful to them,” says Perez.

Both Waco- McLennan County Public Health District and the City of Killeen are monitoring the demand for COVID-19 testing sites.