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WACO, Texas – Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, small business owners, artists and creatives across Waco have been hit especially hard due to the stay-at-home order.

It goes without saying that the downtown bustle of Waco hasn’t been the same – and for artists and small business-owners in the area, it has its negative impact. But this same buzz is being recreated in the form of a website called

Creative Waco’s website, created in partnership with Keep Waco Loud, will go live Thursday.

“What better way than creating an online marketplace where local artists, arts, businesses or small businesses that have hand-made or original products could sell them all online. They could have their own unique shop,” says Kennedy Sam, of Creative Waco.

So far, over 35 shops have already partnered with the digital market – and Sam says it’s just the beginning.

“We really hope to get a lot more once the site officially launches to the public, and we hope more people find this as a helpful resource and they’re able to sell their items online,” says Sam.

She says the platform is to promote Waco’s own creative community.

On the site there are sections for beauty, classes, music, fine art and much more that promote the work and products of business owners like Rebekah Geare, the owner of Cultivate 7Twelve downtown.

Geare says she’s excited for the launch – not just for the new opportunity to do business, but the message that the title alone sends to artists and their supporters throughout the community.

“The title is referring to the idea that we can make it together, and I think its a play on words because we’re actually making things literally, but I really love the spirit of that,”
says Geare.

Though times have been different, artists are still creating pieces. Businesses are still offering services, and the website is designed to support this.

“That’s why this shop is so important – to make sure that these people are able to continue their creation and continue their livelihood right now,” says Sam.

Business owners say the website’s launch on Thursday is a positive confirmation that no one is in this alone.

“By being creative and putting our work out there, we’re both giving each other an opportunity to support each other, and we’re also spreading that message that good can come out of this,” says Gear.

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