January 01 2022 12:00 am

Credit card concerns raised at a local restaurant


A spokesperson for Arby’s has come forward with an explanation about a strange situation at the company’s Temple location.

The Temple Police Department says officers have received several calls from people saying their credit cards were charged at the Arby’s on West Adams when they had not been there recently.

According to posts on a Facebook group page, some people were charged at the Arby’s after going to another restaurant nearby.

“”We haven’t anyone file an actual report that I am aware of, but if people feel about it, it’s necessary and they are out of money, they’re more than welcome to file a report,” says Temple police department’s spokesperson Alejandra Arreguin.

Arby’s tells FOX44 News there was a problem with the restaurant’s credit card processor. It would take credit cards and issue receipts, but the actual transaction would not go through. That meant that people were not actually being charged.

When the backlog of unprocessed transactions was discovered, Arby’s says the problem was fixed and that’s why customers were suddenly seeing the charges appear on their cards.

Arby’s says if you are still having an issue or have any questions, you can contact the company through this website.

If you see a fraudulent charge on your credit card, call the card as soon as possible and dispute it.

“If you see any type of suspicious charges and you’re like, Hey, I didn’t shop here. I didn’t make a purchase here. Definitely contact the bank immediately. Let them know what’s going on,” says Arreguin.

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