Cricket season arrives early in Central Texas


It’s the time of the year when we see unwanted insects inside our homes or hear them outside chirping.

We’re talking about crickets – and the season started early this year because of the hot temperatures.

“This could be a precursor to a later and longer swarm,” says part-owner Patrick Baldwin.

Baldwin says he has been getting calls for crickets earlier this season.

“We noticed it has been dry. There was a little bit of rain early in July, and within in a day or two we got a lot of calls for crickets,” explains Baldwin.

The crickets usually stay outside but can make their way inside.

“They are looking for somewhere a little cooler right now. In the fall, they are going to be looking for somewhere a little warmer. But they are not breathing indoors. Once they are in the house, vacuum them up. Clean them up. They are not going to last long. They don’t really have a place to breathe indoors. They are feeding on decaying mulch inside,” Baldwin explains.

If they do get into your house, Baldwin says it’s because there is probably a hole or crack in your window or door to let them in.

“But weather stripping – make sure that you seal the outside of the house, the windows or doors, so they can’t get in. If they do get in, they aren’t going to cause a lot of damage. They could leave some staining on your curtains, could do a little bit of gnawing on your curtains and fabrics,” Baldwin says.

Another thing crickets are attracted to are bright lights.

“What causes them to congregate in certain areas is the lighting. So one recommendation we make is using a yellow bug light or if a commercial can afford a sodium vapor light that will actually cut down on the crickets crawling in at nighttime,” Baldwin explains. “They will look for somewhere else to land and hide out.”

The peak of cricket season isn’t usually until late August or September.

Crickets are nocturnal, so you will usually see and hear them mostly at night.

The chirping sounds they make are the male crickets trying to attract the female crickets.

There are different kinds of crickets, but the most common ones are called black field crickets. 

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