WACO, Texas – A member of the Temple City Watch Facebook group posted a screenshot of a Snapchat on Thursday – alerting others to be aware of a truck snatching kids by the Cefco in Belton.

FOX 44 reached out to the Belton Police Department about it, and they confirmed with us this was false.

On the original Facebook post, the author was hoping to get more information on the false claim.

FOX 44 News called Belton Police, and the only information they could give us was there was no report of two children being snatched.

To further the investigation, FOX 44 News asked police officials what someone should do if they witness suspicious activities like this.

“We’ve heard this phrase time and time again, but if you ‘see something, say something.’ And when we say ‘something’, we mean say something to us here at the Police Department,” says Waco Police Department Public Information Officer Cierra Shipley.

Shipley says if it’s an emergency to call 9-1-1 – and if it’s not an emergency, you can call 750-7500 and file a police report.

“Our officers can’t do anything to help you until you let us know that a problem is actually happening, and we still can’t do anything unless you file that police report,” says Shipley.

While social media is a great tool of communication, you can’t always trust what is said on the internet.

“So you see someone posting on social media, and it might be something that would be a good thing for our officers to investigate. They let them know to come and file a police report,” says Shipley.